Windows 9 in 2015

This article form the Sydney Morning Herald outlines the possibility of Windows 9 coming out in 2015, following the “tanking” of Windows 8. It may be that when using Windows regularly that we don’t like change, as many Beginner Users don’t mind Windows 8 as that is all they know and they often wonder what all the fuss is about. Perhaps it is the dislike of change or is it a “bad” program?

ios7 has issues

After its release a fortnight ago, Apple is finding “issues” with the ios7 download for smartphones. The biggest problem relates to the i Message system.

I found this article in the Sydney Morning Herald that explains the situation well.


As Windows XP exits, businesses face big IT decisions

This article from the Sydney Morning Herald presents information about the imminent exit of support from Microsoft for the X.P. O.S., that many businesses are still using.


There are implications – serious financial and technical- for all of these businesses.