MYOB Account Right Day to Day

MYOB Day to Day (click for a course outline )

This well paced course introduces you to MYOB/Account Right and the world of computerised bookkeeping. With no prior accounting experience, we will have you managing your customers and suppliers, entering bills and creating invoices like an expert. Suitable for the small business owner / bookkeeper or to enhance your job skills and career prospects, you will find this instructor led course very practical and hands on.
Plenty of time is allowed for practice and revision to be sure you leave with skills you can use immediately

Pre-Requisites: As a minimum, students must have some Windows experience and good mouse skills. Previous accounting or bookkeeping skills can be helpful but not necessary.

Purchasing: Receivables:
§   Understanding Purchasing & The Purchase  Process §  Recording Customer Payments
§   Creating A New Purchase & Adding Details to Item §  Entering Payment Details & Applying the Payment
§   Creating  More Bills §  Applying Payments to Multiple Invoices
§   Raising / Creating & Printing  A Purchase Order §  Understanding & Preparing A Bank Deposit
§   Receiving Ordered & Changed items §  Creating A Bank Deposit Slip


§   Receiving Items Without the Bill §  Understanding  &  Printing  Invoice Statements
§   Obtaining and Accepting Quotes §  Understanding & Printing Activity Statements
  §  Emailing  Statements
Paying For Purchases: §  Analysing Sales
§   Viewing What You Owe §  Viewing Sales Performance
§   Seeing When Payments Are Due §  Getting A Sales Insight
§   Locating A Specific Order or Bill
§   Making Payments For Purchases


Working With Inventory:
Selling: §  Creating An Auto-Build Item
§   Understanding Sales In Account Right §  Creating Tracking  Accounts
§   Creating An Invoice & Entering Invoice Details §  Specifying The Selling Details
§   Entering Freight & Comments §  Specifying The Component Details
§   Reviewing the Sales Journal §  Building An Auto Build Item
§   Changing Customer Credit Terms §  Checking  Inventory Status
§   Providing  Discounts & Accepting Deposits §  Ordering for Back Orders
§   Recording /Printing & Emailing Invoices §  Receiving Back Order Stock
§   Creating A Cash Customer &  Entering A Cash Sale §  Fulfilling Back Orders
§   Printing  A Cash Receipt
Invoicing:                                                                             Cheques
§   Placing Items On Back Order §  Writing A Cheque
§   Creating A Service Invoice §  Adding A Supplier On The Fly
§   Viewing Your Invoices §  Adding Cheque Details & Entering More Cheques
§   Raising A Credit Note §  Recurring Transactions & Cards for  Recurring Transactions
§   Settling The Credit §  Creating & Using a Recurring  Cheque Template
§  Changing Recurring Cheque Details
Reconciliations: AccountRight and the GST:
§   Dissecting A Bank Statement §   Tax and Invoicing
§   Understanding the Reconciliation Report §   Tax Exclusive Invoicing
§   Creating a Pre-Reconciliation Report §   Understanding Tax Codes
§   Creating  An ITS Tax code §   Examining Tax Codes
§   Starting The Reconciliation §   Adding a Supplier  Without an ABN
§   Clearing Cheques and Deposits §   Ordering  Without  an ABN
§   Entering Bank Interest and Fees §   Examining GST Accounts
§   Completing the Reconciliation §   Examining GST Reports
§   Understand the Post Reconciliation Report §   Running  GST Reports
Working With Reports: Business Activity Statements:
§   Selecting a Report §   Understanding  BAS Requirements
§   Printing a Report §   Preparing to Use BASlink
§   Understanding Report Customisation §   Creating  Additional GST Accounts
§   Filtering a Report §   Running Pre-BAS Reports
§   Saving a Report §   The BASlink Program
§   Changing Report Orientation §   Accessing BASlink
§   Sending Reports to MS Excel §   Setting Up Worksheet Links
§   Setting Up the Purchases Fields
§   Entering PAYG Instalment
§   Calculating the  PAYG Instalment
§   Creating Transaction Information
§   Saving BASlink Setup Information
§   Creating the Tax Payment

 Course Outline MYOB Account Right Day to Day


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