Data Analysis Using MS Excel

Data analysis using Excel

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In today’s world, working with large amounts of data is no longer optional – whether you are a business owner, work in sales, HR or technology, you have to manage large spreadsheets, combine different data sets and use the insights from the spreadsheets to report on or take actions.

Having an awareness of Excel is not enough – you have to be able to apply techniques, formulae and processes to analyse data.

We are introducing new training courses that fulfill these objectives.

Our courses will benefit both business owners as well as employees and job seekers.

They are designed in an easy to master format and will help you –

  • Analyse and use data with the aid of Microsoft Excel
  • Manipulate data to manage accounts/books
  • Managing staff, suppliers and customer data
  • Get trained in one of the most sought after and universally applicable skills to fast track your job search

Our courses provide a good balance by

  1. inducing a great learning environment from our experienced instructors
  2. allowing trainees to ask multiple questions
  3. being focussed on keeping it very practical and relevant to day to day business operations

As a business owner or employee, you will have to navigate, analyse and combine lots of data, Excel files and major business processes and documents – whether you are applying for funding, looking to expand, understanding competitive markets, writing your business plan or improving employee engagement.

Our course on data analysis, using Excel, is built using real life examples.


The pre-requisites for the course include at least a basic level of expertise with Excel – understanding formulae, manipulating data and some mathematical background. Basic level of familiarity with MS Office and an understanding of business problems will be useful as the training covers different aspects related to real world scenarios.

 Desired outcome

On completion, you can expect to be more productive in your day to day activities as well as see clear benefit in your data analysis skills. You will be the go-to person in any matter of Excel, problem solving and data analysis. Whatever your current level and wherever you want to reach, this course can help you get there.

You will learn how to:

  • Combine multiple files to single file
  • Remove complexity from data
  • Prepare data for analysis
  • Filter data using single or multiple columns
  • Use pivot tables to sort or visualize data
  • Use different kinds of filters and understand why you should use them
  • Hypothesis testing and determining what to test
  • Use simple formulae for easy and quick data analysis
  • Perform data visualization for meaningful insights
  • Use Excel skills in real world scenario like grouping customers, modelling Financial Systems, measure employee engagement or determine most profitable suppliers
  • Understand which products are selling more and why
  • Build beautiful systems and repeatable insight generator




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